About Us

The founders’ idea to create bengalsouk.com had its genesis more than a decade back when their work demanded them to relocate to cities outside Bengal to pursue their careers. Their nostalgia peaked, and so did their frustrations when they found themselves sinking into a situation where sourcing even the basic yet distinctively Bengali staples, condiments, pickles, sauces, magazines, books, CDs, Pooja items, the authentic languid meal or the regal meal or the street food was a tall task…,unless, they lived close to the community hubs in these mega cities. The list was endless. The easier solution was to carry back their favourite stuff on your return trip from home !!!And not surprisingly, they were just one amongst the several others facing a similar problem.

This very problem has swelled up exponentially for the diaspora….both in the Indian and Global megacities. Stricter baggage rules have added to their woes. That is when they smelled an opportunity, and, they whipped up a solution.

The Bengali community has a sizeable diaspora both within and outside the country-who yearn to not just connect with their own community but also purchase and consume their favourite items.

With a deeper penetration of internet and a wider security & acceptance of digital payments the Founders conceptualised a grand Bengali Hypermarket selling a wide assortment of distinctive community specific products & services across multiple categories, over the e commerce platform.

Bengalsouk.com is a portal of the community, for the community and powered by the community.

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