Return, Refund and Replacement Policy

This Return, Refund and Replacement Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Policy") applies to any and all items, goods and products offered on sale on our site for you. This Return, Refund and Replacement Policy describes how and for what products, goods and items may you avail the facility of returning or replacing your goods, items or products and/or getting a refund for such goods, items or products wherever permissible. You are expected to read the terms and conditions of this Policy sincerely and attentively. By visiting this website, you hereby give your free consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Policy.

We keep updating and revising the contents of this Policy regularly according to the changing professional requirements. You are strongly advised to review this Policy periodically to keep yourself aware of its latest version. This Policy is subject to change at any point of time without giving any notice to anyone. Therefore, the onus lies on you to read the terms and conditions of this Policy carefully before proceeding to use or access this website and/or to make any legal transaction(s) herein.

Conditions to return

It is the responsibility of the customer to check and confirm that the packaging and/or seal of the products/goods/items are intact at the time of their delivery to avoid any undesirable situation involving return, replacement or refund. If the customer fails to perform this obligation, we shall not entertain any request for return, refund and/or replacement based on the grounds of faulty packaging or seal.

Furthermore, subject to the acceptance from the concerned seller or vendor, any user and/or customer may return an already delivered item, goods or product and may get a refund or replacement for the same, in accordance to the terms and conditions of this Policy, if

  • it was not the same item which was placed an order for,
  • it did not have any or all the parts and/or portions as mentioned in the description at the time of delivery and/or
  • it was found to be damaged by user at the time of receiving it.

Notwithstanding anything written above, there shall not be any return of any product, item or goods by virtue of the reason of wrong selection made by the customer. Products including but not limited to perishables like grocery, pantry, meal kits, hygiene clothing items like lingerie, inner-wear, socks, other personal care products and any and all such products, items and goods which we deem fit to be included in this list, once delivered, shall not be returned at any cost. Any request of return which is not fully complied with the time-frame and other necessary requirements of our policies shall not be entertained. If a customer is unable to provide the original packaging and/or freebies, documents, combos and other accessories of the products or goods given at the time of delivery, there shall be no returns for the same. If the returned product or goods is not the same or not in the same condition as that of at the time of its delivery, then we shall not accept the return. Furthermore, any consumable product or goods which has been consumed, utilized and/or taken benefit of shall not be eligible for return too. If due to any action or omission of the customer, the product or goods has got damaged, stained, scratched, unsealed, defected, dented, soiled, un-consumable, holed, worn, torn, has been washed or tampered with, then such product or goods shall also be rendered ineligible for any returns by the customer to us. The product name, brand, code, tags, serial and/or article number must also be intact for it to be considered valid for return. The product, goods or item shall be eligible for return only if it does not violate any of the conditions and requirements mentioned in this Policy.

Procedure to return

For returning an item, product or goods, the customer is required to communicate to us about same by opting for the Return option provided in the description of the said product/goods/item in your account history, within 24hours(for perishable),and, within 5 days from the time of delivery of the product/goods/item describing us in detail the reason of his/her decision to return the said product, item or goods.

If he/she fails to adhere to any of the requirements mentioned in this policy completely and/or if we do not find the reason for the request of return to be genuine and/or reasonable, then we shall decline the said request accordingly. If we are satisfied that the complaint is genuine, our concerned person shall come to the same place of delivery for the pickup so that we can further analyze the product and the request.

If it is not feasible to make the said pickup due to operational reasons, you shall need to send the item/product/goods back to our address as communicated to you. Reverse shipping charges shall be borne by the customer. We shall not attract or be responsible for any liabilities that may result in any damage of the Products during transit of such reverse shipping by the customer. After receipt of the product, goods or item, we shall thoroughly analyze the product/goods/item and the request. We may also send the product/goods/item to the concerned seller or vendor and wait for his receipt, approval and opinion about the same. Subject to the foregoing factors, the terms and conditions of this policy and our adopted practices and procedures, we shall take a decision accordingly.

If your request for return is accepted by us and we have decided to provide a refund to you, the refund shall be done in the same method in which we received the payment. In all online payments, ultimately the amount shall be transferred only and exclusively to the associated bank account of the customer. If your request for return is accepted by us and we have decided to replace the product, the product shall be shipped to you at the same address in which case the shipping charges shall not be applicable to you. If you decide the replacement product to be delivered at a different address, then the additional charge, if any, shall be borne by you.

Permissible actions and Timelines

The customers shall have the option of such permissible actions, related time-periods and terms and conditions under this policy as mentioned below:

  • Any and all kind of clothing, life style & fashion accessories, decorative items, household items, books, art and media related products, goods and/or items shall be refunded or replaced if a request for refund or replacement respectively is made by the customer within 5 days from the date of delivery of said product, goods or item.
  • For any and all perishable products, there shall not be any refund available to the customer, however, if within 1 day from the date of delivery, you make an official request for replacement of any rotten, inedible, unusable perishable product, upon perusal of the request, we may replace the product.
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